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Need to start or simplify safety?

You're busy running a business and I’m guessing you haven’t got around to doing The Safety stuff yet. Like most people whilst claims or enforcement action would keep you up at night you feel anxious about the time or cost involved in managing it all.

Imagine for a moment sitting opposite insurance, enforcement or a solicitor and being able to discuss and demonstrate Health & Safety management confidently. If only there were simple steps or someone to guide you through the essentials.

Introducing Six Essential Elements

The Six Essential Elements help new or smaller businesses to understand, implement and manage Health & Safety basics in a simple, sustainable way. 

Complete 4 Month Mentor Programme from £425/month

4 months Competent Person support £400

Elements Check-up (Health check) £175

Elements Set-up (Management Toolkit) £500

Elements Mentoring (5 Consultations) £325

2Hr safety 101 Awareness Training £125

Workplace / Equipment Visual Check £125

Draft Premises Fire Risk Assessment £250

Additional support / consultations available

So What next? 

Coaching and mentoring is a commitment of time, money and trust, It isn’t for everyone. My full mentoring programme provides the ingredients, recipe (and sous chef) to help you understand, implement and manage the Six Essential Elements in a simple and sustainable way. If you are ready to do Health & Safety basics brilliantly lets schedule an informal chat and explore the idea of working together.

Buy the Book . .

Look out for The Small Business Safety Coach "I wanted a mentor but bought the book instead" due mid 2022.

The Radio interview . .


NOTE: above prices indicative and exclude travel & expenses