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Marksafety Coaching (and Mentoring) Agreement

Marksafety offer a supportive resource for small, UK businesses owners assisting clients to understand Health and Safety management principles, developing skills and habits. A Coach or Mentor is not a typical consultant hire and so this agreement aims to help set brief expectations.

Marksafety promises to professionally provide assistance that empowers clients and act in the clients best interest at all times. We aim for a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and communication. Full terms and conditions are online at

The following should be read, understood and acknowledged by clients.


Marksafety do not give advice, manage safety, carry out work on the clients behalf or relieve clients of any responsibility. A clients business is their responsibility, coach/mentors are not there to make up for any lack of priority or planning by the business.

A coach or Mentor will assist clients to:

- Identify needs.

- look at current practices.

- explore options.

- and progress actions.

A coach facilitates a consented conversation and may:

- Ask questions

- Discuss principles

- Provide feedback

- Direct you to guidance

- Progress plans

- Hold you accountable

- Supply/develop tools

- Assist/Teach as appropriate.

While clients may identify or summarise action from a session. Marksafety takes no responsibility for consequences of action taken (or not taken) by clients as a direct or indirect result of consultation.

Coaching consultations work most effectively when working towards one goal. Where possible providing the subject/question prior to your consultation will get best value from your time with Mark.

Marksafety retains the right to refuse work not within competence or ethical parameters or where we feel that it falls out of the Coaching / Mentoring remit.

Tools/documentation issued by Marksafety are basic and for development / mentoring purpose and not endorsed by any body or guarantee statutory compliance. While tools/template documents may be used by clients they do remain the intellectual property of Marksafety Limited.

You (the client) have been made aware of the concept of coaching and Mentoring prior to appointing Marksafety services and understand coaching/mentoring limitations and that Marksafety cannot offer any quantitative or qualitative guarantees.


Mentoring or Coaching subscriptions run from the 1st of each month, invoiced and payable monthly by direct debit upfront. One months fees additionally apply as a Joining (or rejoining) fee. 1 Months written notice is required from either party to terminate (or change) subscription.

For clarity and to maintain service your Mentor will work with the business director and one other selected business contact.

Additional services outside of subscription scope will be chargeable at standard rates including travel and costs (less applicable discount).

Scheduled Coaching / Mentoring Consultations will be used to identify or progress solutions theoretically or practically. It is the businesses responsibility to schedule/request consultations. Consultations or services not rearranged at least 24hrs prior to agreed appointment will be counted as taking place and time will be charged or debited as applicable. Access to quick guidance will also be available to Mentees online, by phone, email or message as required (Subject to availability and governed by fair use policy).

Monthly Subscription includes:

- Use of Marksafety as business named "H&S Contact" or "Competent Person"

- Access to principled guidance by phone, email within general office hours.

- 20 minute consultation in event of claim, enforcement or RIDDOR incident.

- Access to online generic document templates and periodic newsletters.

- 10% discount off any consultations and priority booking where available.

- Offer of 20 minute check-in consultation with coach each month.

- First hours support each month. (30min units, unused time not carried over).

Fair use policy is about being respectful of the coaching support model. Our time is shared serving multiple clients meaning availability and delivery may be dependant on demand at any time and some scheduling / planning is required of clients for maximum benefit and efficiently. Scheduled time with us should allow sufficient time to include preparation and/or travel if needed. Where possible contact will be during practice hours unless an emergency or otherwise agreed.

Lastly please note our terms and conditions may be reviewed and change from time to time without prior notice. If unsure or have any concerns please make this known in writing to Marksafety.

By using our service you accept this agreement and understand the business is ultimately responsible and accountable for Health and Safety management and compliance. The concept of Coaching and Mentoring is about educating, engaging, empowering and enabling you in principle to manage your own Health and Safety.