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Build safety into your project

The Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015 (CDM) places legal duties on all parties involved on a construction project including (and some would say especially) the Client! Marksafety help you and your team meet requirements, coordinate safety & maintain standards by acting as Pre-construction phase Principal Designer or CDM Consultant on smaller projects across Lancashire.

What is Marksafety involvement

1. Discuss project, duties and key parties.

2. Assist drafting pre-construction info.

3. Review plans and risks at design stage.

4. Assist vetting of Principal Contractors.

5. Comment on "Construction Phase Plans".

6. Submit F10, HSE Project notification.

7. Facilitate online site pre-stat meeting.

8. Carry out site inspection with report.

9. Confirm as built information is collated.

10. Monthly client check-in consultation.

Work with Mark

Pay As You Go

Hire Mark as "CDM Consultant" to pick which parts you require help / advice on.


Pre-Construction Package

Appoint Mark as your Principal Designer (pre-construction phase) for a one off fee.

From £1,495